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2007 Pumpkin

It’s that time again…

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Process is Art, Part II

So to continue in my random thinking of the previous post, I pose this question to myself. If process is art then what exactly is hanging in Art Museums? For we cannot physically frame the blue feelings Picasso felt, or the rare moments of sanity Van Gogh may have experienced while painting in the fields, […]

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Drawing on Time

Like many graphic designers, I stumbled into my career because I dabbled in the fine arts as a youngster. Growing up, I would finger-paint masterpieces, sculpt one-of-a-kind works out of Play-Doh®, and sketch scenes with my No.2 school pencil that would put Rockwell to shame. Having parents who appreciated and encouraged my artistic exploration was […]

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The Museum of Bad Art

Ok. This is hilarious… The Museum of Bad Art: Art too bad to be ignored. MOBA is the world’s only museum dedicated to the collection, preservation, exhibition and celebration of bad art in all its forms. http://www.museumofbadart.org/ The best part about fine art is that its intrinsic value is completely subjective. There’s no good or […]

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Art & Porn

We were discussing in the comments over at J-Wild’s blog that there are fundamental differences between nakedness in fine art and nudity in pornography and I felt this topic should be granted some more thought on my part. Most humans who have grown up in countries that have an appreciation for the arts have been […]

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Sunday Sketch – Bessie

Some quick sketches I did of Bessie tonight – our very sleepy doberman pinscher. Kate is at dinner in NYC with friends, Erin is sleeping in her crib and I’m sitting on my living room floor drawing a sleeping dog… Think of me what you like. Click the sketches to enlarge.

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Saturday Sketch

Let me preface this with I SUCK AT DRAWING LIKENESSES. Other things (strangers on subways, happy trees, my dog, etc…) I don’t suck at as much. This began as a sketch of my daughter Erin, but soon morphed into some other, nameless kid. I started with the general shape of the head. It was good. […]

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The Gates

This afternoon, we strolled through Central Park to see the installation artwork The Gates, by the husband/wife team Christo and Jeanne-Claude. We took a bunch of photos – hope you like them. It really is an amazing piece of artwork – as are their previous pieces of art. I had the chance to meet the […]

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