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Happy Easter

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My friend Joe leads a young church plant in Brooklyn. His blog post today let him get a few things off his chest. Such as admitting that he doesn’t know how to grill meat… and he’s from Texas. This post is almost as transparent as Joe is in real life. His blog, Brooklyn & Beyond, […]

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The big M – revisited

I decided to respond to Rudolf’s comment (below) with a post, since I want to make sure I’m not being misunderstood. I don’t know if i read it correctly but did you say that you don’t think there is a church for everyone?!!!!!!!! WHAT”S UP WITH THAT! sorry i just don’t understand where you are […]

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The big M.

First, thanks so much for the comments on my previous post. It’s great to read your thoughts. I think in the name of fairness, I should point out that – for the most part – I don’t personally believe (nor wish to believe) that churches go around maliciously stealing sermons, designs, ideas as a regular […]

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What Would Jesus Steal?

Plagiarism was a really big deal in grammar school and high school. Parents, teachers and librarians joined forces to convey the serious consequences if caught plagiarizing a book report, essay or term paper. Nothing short of the cops showing up in school and hauling you away in front of your classmates. I know I was […]

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Happy Holidays

Unless something worth blogging about happens, I will be offline until after New Years – spending my time with family and friends while enjoying our new home to the fullest. Until then, I wish you the merriest of holidays and a blessed new year to come. Merry Christmas. See you in 2006. Peace. k

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Thanksgiving Morning

This morning we awoke to a light coating of snow. Our first snow of the 05-06 Winter. It just so happens that today is Thanksgiving. I grabbed my camera before Bessie and I headed out for her 6:30 a.m. walk. Bessie has always loved the snow. Since we rescued her 6 years ago, the snow […]

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Theology On Tap II

The fine folks over at Church Marketing Sucks have referenced my Theology on Tap post (two posts down) and it’s actually sparked quite an interesting debate on drinking alcohol, Christianity, and different approaches to evangelism. Go check it out and leave your 2 cents.

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Theology On Tap

So my new e-friend Greg sent me a link to this article today, “A Pint With Your Priest,” from the Boston.com News website. The article tells how a local Catholic parish has booked some talks at local bars and pubs in the Manchester, New Hampshire area in order to reach out into their unchurched community. […]

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Weeble (aka Scott Hodge) in NYC

I had the very distinct pleasure of meeting up with the great Scott Hodge tonight and his photoblogging buddy Abe – from immagini – in Times Square, NYC. We sat and had a few drinks and a great dinner together and discussed blogging, marketing and life. It was a fantastic opportunity and I can’t wait […]

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