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I won a new Dell! I think…

Following is a letter I recently sent to the Board of Directors of Dell…   To whom on the Dell Board of Directors this may concern, I’m writing to seek an advocate at Dell and/or assistance in processing the following… In late February 2011, I participated in a Dell contest to promote  your new Vostro […]

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The Fourth Dimension

Kate and I went to her OB yesterday to get our second ultrasound exam to see our new baby. Since this is a new doctor’s office for Kate, they have different (read: “newer”) technology than her previous OBs. One shining example is their ultrasound machine. It performs all the same functions as a traditional 2D, […]

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The New Regimen

This past May, I won a 3 month gym membership at a local gym in a raffle. I decided on the spot that I would be an idiot if I let this opportunity pass me by. So the very next morning I was at my new gym working out. It had been years since I […]

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Daddy, Part Trois

Since this blog traces its origins back to being a “daddy blog,” I can’t think of a more appropriate resurrection than a post announcing that my rockstar wife is pregnant with our third child! We’re so excited and feel so blessed. Details? The due date is officially 7 January 2009. The other “little” detail is […]

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Easter Steps 2005-2008

(Click photos to enlarge) It’s that time again, time to post the result of our annual Easter photoshoot. The girls have gotten so big and it’s so much fun to look back over these photos. The first two, of just E is from 2005 and 2006. The two of E and A are from 2007 […]

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Long First Name

While lifting my dripping wet 3-year old out of the tub the other night, I could tell she was pretending to be someone else. So I asked her, “Who are you?” “I’m Arial, mermaid princess.” And then, giggling, she asked, “Who are  YOU??” “I’m the daddy who’s going to dry you off.” “No…” she whined, […]

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Eminent Domain

Our government has decided to claim my friend’s property in Denver. Just because. Please visit the website they set up to document everything: eminentdomainsucks.com

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Photo Strip

Still so much in love with her…

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Please Touch

A few weeks ago, we took the girls to the Please Touch Museum in Philadelphia [map]. What an amazing place. The museum was designed for children to explore, play, interact and TOUCH everything – all while learning about the world they live in. Our oldest (almost 3) absolutely loved it. She shopped in the grocery […]

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Easter Steps

(Click photos to enlarge) Every Easter Sunday we take a photo of Erin sitting on the front steps of a brownstone near our church on the Upper East Side, NYC. 2005, 2006 and 2007 are above. This year, we got Abbie involved. She’s only 2 months younger than Erin was in the 2005 photo, but […]

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