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Sick in My Head

…well, technically the side of my head. That minor ear infection I blogged about in my last post didn’t quite turn out the way anyone expected. The following four days after being prescribed the Amoxicillin and Sour Patch Kids was one of the most painful, uncomfortable and frustrating weekends of my life. I was popping […]

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In Defense of the Game

On my friend Joe’s blog [Mets or Yankees…do you even care?], he allows his neighbor Bryan (a Mets fan) explain the subtle difference between the Mets and Yankees organizations in a not so subtle way. Below is the comment I left on his blog, reprinted below with permission from… well, me. Text below in italics […]

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Father’s Day Paddle

click photo to enlarge. My second Father’s Day was awesome. Kate and Erin took me out to breakfast to a nice greasy spoon in town and afterwards we went out to the lake. Erin was more excited about getting in the boat than ever. She even let us put her PFD on without that much […]

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1st Sonogram!

It’s a girl! 9 1/2 ounces. Healthy and active. Due: October 6, 2006

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Easter Sunday & Big News

I guess it’s not too hard to be a proud dada when you have such a beautiful little girl. This has become an annual sitting spot for our Easter photos. It’s on the steps of a brownstone on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, in our church’s neighborhood. This is as good a time as […]

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Maiden Voyage

What a morning! I took off work today because the weather was going to be so nice – 75 and sunny – and it was! I chose Wawayanda State Park for my new canoe’s maiden voyage and I’m sure glad I did. This is a 18,235 acre state park housing an abundance of natural resources […]

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Starry Night and Branding

Tonight was the first time Erin noticed the stars in the night sky. We get amazing clear night skys, showing off zillions of stars. I took Erin out of the car and asked her if she sees the stars. She looked puzzled for a moment, since the only stars she knew were the glow-in-the-dark variety […]

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A Little Bit ‘Leave It To Beaver’ and a Little Bit ‘Twilight Zone’

Buying a house is like planning a marriage. It’s a process that takes a long time and lot of planning, and will hopefully end with a home that you love and are committed to. Along with the wedding comes the honeymoon. As we approach our 7th year of marriage, Kate and my “honeymoon” has slowly […]

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Seeking My Inner Tim Allen

One of my first projects as a new homeowner was the installation of an over-the-stove microwave (Maytag MMV5000 Series). This microwave was a nearly new hand-me-down from our realtor (who happened to be renovating her own kitchen). This is a powerful microwave – at least in comparision to the little counter-top microwave we’ve had since […]

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Click each photo to enlarge. This is Bessie. We adopted Bessie in 2001 from a wonderful Doberman Rescue shelter. We don’t believe that she was the victim of serious physical abuse (like so many others), but she shows signs of serious neglect and will flinch slightly if I raise my hand too quickly. She’s not […]

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