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The New Regimen

This past May, I won a 3 month gym membership at a local gym in a raffle. I decided on the spot that I would be an idiot if I let this opportunity pass me by. So the very next morning I was at my new gym working out. It had been years since I […]

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MLS – Major League Spouse

My amazing spouse, referenced on my blog many times, got me an awesome birthday gift last month. She got me the opening day package to the Red Bulls NY home opener at Giants Stadium. The package includes four tickets for opening day (amazing seats at midfield!) and four Red Bulls NY long-sleeve t-shirts. If you’re […]

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Baseball and Soccer News

This past week, my friend Dave over at NYBaseballTalk.com  had the opportunity to sit down and interview the Yankee legend Mel Stottlemyre. For those who may not know, Stottlemyre is best known for his days as a Yankees pitcher and more recently the New York Yankess Pitching Coach, retiring in 2005 after the Yankees loss […]

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Random Catch-Ups

I can’t believe Abbie is over a month old already. It seems like only a few days ago we brought her home. We had her church dedication last Sunday and had a tremendous turnout from our families. It was wonderful to have Abbie surrounded by so many people who love her, including her big sister […]

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90’s Prime

And here we all thought my soccer days were over… I’ve went and joined some friends in an adult soccer league. It is a casual, co-ed league organized by Zog Sports. We play on Sunday evenings on a beautiful turf field with lights on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. Our team name is 90’s […]

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Coach Lou Holtz

When I met Kate in 1993 I was a die-hard Penn State football fan. Blue and White. Joe Paterno. Nittany Lions. All the way. Well, once we got serious that was all going to change. Her family, you see, were slightly fanatical Notre Dame football fans. Honestly, it was pretty scary the first time I […]

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In Defense of the Game

On my friend Joe’s blog [Mets or Yankees…do you even care?], he allows his neighbor Bryan (a Mets fan) explain the subtle difference between the Mets and Yankees organizations in a not so subtle way. Below is the comment I left on his blog, reprinted below with permission from… well, me. Text below in italics […]

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Bob Costas gets Dooced!

Finally someone who feels the same way about Bob Costas as I do… even more so I’m afraid… [Link]

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Book Review: How Soccer Explains the World

I’ve just finished reading How Soccer Explains the World: An {Unlikely} Theory of Globalization, by Franklin Foer, which I referenced in a previous post back in January. Foer takes us kicking and screaming around the globe as he introduces us to the hot beds of soccer. From Croatia to Brazil. From the UK to Italy. […]

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NBC: Olympic Loser

I can’t help but get frustrated when I think about how NBC is letting down America with their coverage of the 2006 Torino Olympic Games. It has been anything but impressive. A testament to this poor coverage is how few Americans are feeling a compulsive need to watch the games every night. In fact, this […]

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