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The Fourth Dimension

Kate and I went to her OB yesterday to get our second ultrasound exam to see our new baby. Since this is a new doctor’s office for Kate, they have different (read: “newer”) technology than her previous OBs. One shining example is their ultrasound machine. It performs all the same functions as a traditional 2D, […]

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The New Regimen

This past May, I won a 3 month gym membership at a local gym in a raffle. I decided on the spot that I would be an idiot if I let this opportunity pass me by. So the very next morning I was at my new gym working out. It had been years since I […]

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Shiloh Lifeskills

I had the great honor yesterday to be the guest presenter at the monthly Shiloh Lifeskills series in New York City. I was asked to come spend some time discussing with high school students from Harlem and the South Bronx what a career in graphic design looks like. [From the Shiloh website:] Shiloh is a […]

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Apple vs. Big Apple

What is the deal with big corporate giants leading with their own selfish, misguided interests at the expense of their own reputation? Last week it is was Wal-Mart trying to collect $470,000 from a former employee who is now brain damaged. Way to care about the little-guy there, Wally. Luckily they finally woke up and […]

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Linking Ethos

Two days ago, I was approached – via e-mail – by a salesman with a very specific task… His job was to scour the net for certain combinations of keywords on personal websites and blogs. If he found the right combination – as he did on my blog – he would offer the owner of […]

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Invisible No More

My buddy Greg Kendall-Ball lives in west Texas, but don’t hold that against him. He spent most of his formative years (4th-12th grade) growing up in, and traveling throughout South Africa, which has provided him a unique world view, and a tremendously compassionate heart for the underprivileged of this world. I met Greg through the […]

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My Walk (and yours?)

The weirdest thing happened tonight. Kate and I were sitting on our couch watching the Olympics. Erin was slumped on my chest sound asleep. Kate suggested that I run out to Dairy Queen and get us something tasty. She didn’t have to twist my arm too far. I hopped in the Civic and ran down […]

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