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I’m a twit.

I’ve finally joined the ranks of the twitter revolution. Not really sure why… or how exactly it will improve my life, but I’m willing to give it a trial period. For those who are twittilliterate™, twitter is a program that lets you make short updates about your day, life, situation in real time and have […]


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(I would credit the painter/designer if I knew who it was)

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It’s been a long time since I clicked “write a post” on my blog software. The crazy thing (for me) is that I actually have nothing to blog about. I’m an absolute blank slate. I have no brilliant insight, new information or spectacular news to convey about my life. Good start so far! These past […]

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What I’ve Been Up To…

Here’s what I HAVEN’T been up to… blogging. Initially my blogging got held up by a plug-in I have installed, designed to stop hackers – called ‘Bad Behavior.’ It went haywire and denied me access to my own blog – thinking that I was, in fact, a hacker. With blogging not being a big priority […]

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The Mighty Chevron

There are typically two human responses that I display when I, as an adult and as a professional, learn something new. Either, I feel happy that I’ve gained this new knowledge and are therefore smarter than I was before… or I just feel stupid for having not already known what I just learned. Most recently, […]

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Chaos or Calm

How does the level of neatness around you affect your work? Back in college, I could have dirty clothes on my dorm room floor, spiderwebs under my bed, be walking on paintings still wet, and not be able to see more than 10% of any furniture surface area…absolute visual chaos…and yet still get my work […]

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Process is Art, Part II

So to continue in my random thinking of the previous post, I pose this question to myself. If process is art then what exactly is hanging in Art Museums? For we cannot physically frame the blue feelings Picasso felt, or the rare moments of sanity Van Gogh may have experienced while painting in the fields, […]

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Are we in San Antonio or Seattle?

I’ve been away from home this weekend. My wife and I have an agreement that when I travel, I won’t blog about it before I go. Something about the entire planet knowing that I’m away from home… Anyhow, through the mighty power of WordPress, I’m setting this post to publish automatically at approximately the same […]

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Stop It.

Open Petition to the News Networks: I’ve had enough. I no longer wish to designate my precious – and slowly shrinking – brain capacity to the Anna Nicole Smith tragedy. I don’t believe the story qualifies as news any longer. It did when it first happened. Nobody can blame you for the first 36-48 hours […]

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2006 Pumpkin

One of my favorite annual traditions is carving our pumpkin. My usual tradition of autumnal motifs has side-stepped this season, to allow our two year old’s creative input. When asked what she would like carved, she declared “BOB TATO!” That translates into “Bob, the Tomato” character from VeggieTales.

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