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Maiden Voyage

What a morning! I took off work today because the weather was going to be so nice – 75 and sunny – and it was! I chose Wawayanda State Park for my new canoe’s maiden voyage and I’m sure glad I did. This is a 18,235 acre state park housing an abundance of natural resources […]

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Canoe-Brain II

My Canoe-Brain has gotten so bad that I can no longer imagine creative titles to my blog entries. I’ve started using roman numerals. Egads. PaddleSport 2006 is this weekend. It’s the largest canoe and kayak show on the East Coast and the show which I have been waiting weeks for… And. it’s. Almost. Here. Today […]

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Happy St. Paddler’s Day!

In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, I give you a picture of a lime green VW Beetle car-topping a kelly green canoe. Just like the Irish saint, himself, travelled. Yep, still suffering from Canoe-Brain. Mine’s gonna be burgundy… 🙂

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Bob Costas gets Dooced!

Finally someone who feels the same way about Bob Costas as I do… even more so I’m afraid… [Link]

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Fell asleep last night wondering why my pajama pants have pockets. What exactly would one keep in their pocket while they slept? Any ideas? —————- It’s really difficult to draw/sketch an 18-month old – EVEN when you have the distraction of Elmo. They just never stop moving. —————- Had a very nice Valentine’s dinner last […]

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Absolutely Criminal

Feeling sad today because there have been so many horrible news stories in the last two weeks dealing with violent crimes against innocent children. It began with the step dad that beat his 7-year old daughter to a pulp while she was tied to a chair (because she wouldn’t stop acting like a child…), then […]

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Recipe for Racism?

“Do you know anything about chocolate?” the mayor said. “How do you make chocolate? You take dark chocolate, you mix it with white milk, and it becomes a delicious drink. That’s the chocolate I’m talking about.” This was the defense New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin made when asked if his comments from earlier in the […]

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The Secret

So JH, I know you were a little worried about us bloggers blabbin’ about the location where we watched you-know-what last night. I just wanted to make sure you knew that we would never publish on the internet that which you do not want made public. For what the six of us did – and […]

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The Challenge

The gauntlet has been thrown down. This all started from this post of Jason with Katie Couric. If you peruse the comments section, you can see that he actually fooled his own wife, mother and sister with his hack photoshop job. Feeling all high & mighty with himself, he foolishly challenged me to a photoshop […]

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That’s ArtEEst to You!

I’ve gotten pen marks on my face two days in a row now. Luckily they’ve washed off pretty easily. It’s rather normal for me to come home from work with my hands, fingers and wrists marked up with pen/marker/sharpie. Truly, that is quite normal for me. BUT MY FACE? Not so normal. I suppose it’s […]

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