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I’m A Winner!

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Slogan Generator

GKB sent me this Brit-run Advertising Slogan Generator. The way it works is you enter in a word and it will incorporate that word into an ad slogan. After you get your slogan you can refresh the page to see another… and another… and another… I took it one step further and added it to […]

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Movie Club

The first rule of Movie Club is, you do NOT blog about Movie Club. So much for that rule… Dr. Strangelove: Or, how I learned to stop worrying and love the bomb. Brandon is organizing a movie club and our first assembly is tonight. We will be inaugurating our Movie Club with Stanley Kubrick’s 1964 […]

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DOers vs. THINKers

Are you a DOer or a THINKer? When faced with a decision, do you act without thinking or think without acting? I think these are qualities of two very different types of people… and I think we all fit into one of the categories. As with everything, this is not a black and white issue. […]

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It Only Goes Off When I Cook

In the process of selling one home and buying another I’ve been learning a lot about town, county and state laws. I learned about a new one today that strikes me particularly funny and absurd. In June of 1991, a NJ state law was passed that requires all homes be equipped with smoke alarms. An […]

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Chinese BSB

My very good friend Jason M. e-mailed me this morning this viral video clip of two Chinese kids lip-syncing a Backstreet Boys song. It’s one of the most entertaining things I’ve seen in quite a while (read: I almost peed my pants). Just click the screenshot above to be taken to the video. Stop back […]

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Theology On Tap

So my new e-friend Greg sent me a link to this article today, “A Pint With Your Priest,” from the Boston.com News website. The article tells how a local Catholic parish has booked some talks at local bars and pubs in the Manchester, New Hampshire area in order to reach out into their unchurched community. […]

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I’m an addict

All eyes turned to the stocky 29 year old in the squeaky metal chair in the corner of the middle school gymnasium. The leader had just suggested he take his turn. He was new to the group. He’d been attending for a couple of weeks now, but never spoke a word. Glancing down at the […]

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KENNY: I think anxiousness is your drug of choice. KATE: no – now give me credit, i’ve been really good so far thru all this. KENNY: 1st stage: denial KATE: aoh! KENNY, I’ve been calming you down thru all this! KENNY: 2nd stage: rage KATE: you’re so gonna get it! KENNY: 3rd stage: violence KATE: […]

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Oh The Humanity!

It truly is a wonderful thing when you happen upon a situation that restores your faith in humanity – that is to say, if you are one of those people who sometimes stumble in your faith in humanity, like I do. Let me paint you a word picture… My car – a 2001 Honda Civic […]

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