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Apple vs. Big Apple

What is the deal with big corporate giants leading with their own selfish, misguided interests at the expense of their own reputation? Last week it is was Wal-Mart trying to collect $470,000 from a former employee who is now brain damaged. Way to care about the little-guy there, Wally. Luckily they finally woke up and […]

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Paul Rand & Enron

Michael Bierut has written a fantastic post titled “The Smartest Logo in the Room” over at DesignObserver.com dissecting the significance of Paul Rand’s final logo design… the now infamous Enron “E.” As brilliant as many of Rand’s most famous identities, the “crooked-” or “falling-E” begs for the age-old debate of art imitating life, or life […]

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I Don’t Have A Brand

One of the biggest misconceptions among many churches and small businesses is that only large corporations have (or need) a brand. Unfortunately for those churches and small businesses this thinking is flawed and shows a real lack of understanding about what branding actually is. If your doors are open for any period of time, you’ve […]

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Lessons in Brand Loyalty

My first car was a 1986 Honda Civic Hatchback. Powder blue. Manual transmission. It was awesome. It looked just like this. It was mostly indestructable… until it wasn’t anymore. Ever since I have loved Hondas. I currently own two Hondas. A 2001 Civic sedan and a 2005 CR-V. I’m a Hondavangelist! I tell everyone what […]

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The big M.

First, thanks so much for the comments on my previous post. It’s great to read your thoughts. I think in the name of fairness, I should point out that – for the most part – I don’t personally believe (nor wish to believe) that churches go around maliciously stealing sermons, designs, ideas as a regular […]

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