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Clip Art 101

I was browsing the latest issue of HOW magazine (the 2008 International Design Annual) and the advertisement above caught my eye. Pratt Institute is my alma mater (’98), and they’ve placed this weird 1/8-page ad way in the very back of the issue… back with all the crappy ads for cheap handwriting fonts, $15 business […]

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Linking Ethos

Two days ago, I was approached – via e-mail – by a salesman with a very specific task… His job was to scour the net for certain combinations of keywords on personal websites and blogs. If he found the right combination – as he did on my blog – he would offer the owner of […]

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Proofreading = Good

If discovering typos out in the real world were an Olympic sport, I would have multiple gold medals. Sometimes, typos don’t get picked up by spellcheck because it’s actually a real word, just the wrong word. In cases like the one below, the typo is not even a real word. Even my blogging software picks […]

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Everything Communicates

Alright, so I’m fully aware that most of my life I have seen things and looked at things slightly askew. Things would always seem funny to me that nobody else thought was funny. Or I would see shapes in ordinary objects that nobody else could see. I’m sure this is somehow connected to my arithmomania […]

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Ghost Signs

When I lived and worked in NYC, I would be drawn to the older sections of Manhattan. Tribeca. The East Village. Even sections of Midtown. I would look for “ghost signs.” Ads that were from another time, another era, another New York City, different from the one in which I existed. I was drawn to […]

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Thank You, Ignorance.

In a direct contrast to yesterday’s post about how major media outlets are damaging their reputation by “sponsoring” keywords on Google and negatively associating themselves with the Virginia Tech shootings, a new story appeared this morning on Advertising Age that shows how it should be done. Sports apparel giant, Nike, has decided to associate itself […]

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Tragedy = $$$

It seems that capitalizing on something as tragic and sacred as yesterday’s “massacre” at Virginia Tech is not out of bounds. Ken Wheaton, a writer for Advertising Age, has just reported that mainstream media such as The New York Times and Inside Edition have purchased the keywords “Virginia Shooting” on Google’s search engine. The idea […]

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The big M.

First, thanks so much for the comments on my previous post. It’s great to read your thoughts. I think in the name of fairness, I should point out that – for the most part – I don’t personally believe (nor wish to believe) that churches go around maliciously stealing sermons, designs, ideas as a regular […]

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Bravia Advert

Sony has released it’s latest advert for their BRAVIA television line. They’ve certainly spent a hefty budget on making spot with a very high production value. Click the still below to watch the ad. I’m sure you’ll be as impressed as I was. Thanks Dad for the link!

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Crane | Hoboken, NJ | April 28, 2005 I was on the set of a television commercial today. We were shooting in Hoboken, New Jersey. And while, I am not dumb enough to divulge who our client is or really much else about my professional life on this blog, I will say that it was […]

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