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Shiloh Lifeskills

I had the great honor yesterday to be the guest presenter at the monthly Shiloh Lifeskills series in New York City. I was asked to come spend some time discussing with high school students from Harlem and the South Bronx what a career in graphic design looks like. [From the Shiloh website:] Shiloh is a […]

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Dealing with me.

My new friend, Chris Bell points us to some great advice from Larry Hubatka at Elevation on how to deal with, and work with, creative-minded individuals like myself. While I don’t disagree with any of their suggestions, I must confess that the list could have been much, much longer. Maybe I’ll add some additional points […]

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Saul Bass & Star Wars

If the late, great Saul Bass had designed the opening credits to Star Wars… via my friend, and yours, Yangblog.

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Clip Art 101

I was browsing the latest issue of HOW magazine (the 2008 International Design Annual) and the advertisement above caught my eye. Pratt Institute is my alma mater (’98), and they’ve placed this weird 1/8-page ad way in the very back of the issue… back with all the crappy ads for cheap handwriting fonts, $15 business […]

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The Art of the Business Card II

Akin to my previous post on good business cards, here’s a new collection that has popped up on the net. I would encourage you to give them each more than a cursory glance, as they each have a little bit of wit, sophistication and/or brilliance in their own right. Link: 18 SMOKIN’ HOT BUSINESS CARD […]

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The Mighty Chevron

There are typically two human responses that I display when I, as an adult and as a professional, learn something new. Either, I feel happy that I’ve gained this new knowledge and are therefore smarter than I was before… or I just feel stupid for having not already known what I just learned. Most recently, […]

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Top of My Game

A good friend e-mailed me today: I love your blog… unless your talking about graphic design.

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Interview: Jason Isbell

This is the first of a series of interviews that I am conducting. I’ve asked select friends that are either artists/designers, or in a profession where they may have particular and unique views on the role graphic design plays, to answer a few questions Our first interview reflects the latter. Jason Isbell is the Youth […]

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Bad Business Cards

I posted in early July about The Art of the Business Card. Seth Godin posted today about contemporary business card design. He has a short list of common mistakes made when designing business cards (i.e. using Avery cutout sheets, making your type size too large, etc..) I personally think he hits the nail right on […]

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The Art of the Business Card

My anonymous friend from high school, DigiGirl, sent me a link to the Art of the Business Card. Within this album are 549 photos of some very well designed business cards, collected by the dailypoetics group on Flickr. Most of the cards are very well designed, with good concepts. What struck me more, was the […]

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