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Typolitical Design

My wife and I found a quote in this NY Times article quite interesting. The article was dissecting the presidential candidate’s campaign website designs, and a Creative Director they quoted said “Hillary‚Äôs text is all caps, like shouting.” That struck us funny because when I think of Hillary Clinton’s tone and speech patterns, it does […]

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Life is a Highway

My buddy Joe Hays sent me a link to this New York Times article – The Road to Clarity. It’s about Don Meeker, an environmental designer’s quest to improve the legibility of typography used on American highway signs. The article chronicles Meeker’s typeface, Clearview Gothic, and his attempts to convince the U.S. bureaucracy to replace […]

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The Art of the Business Card

My anonymous friend from high school, DigiGirl, sent me a link to the Art of the Business Card. Within this album are 549 photos of some very well designed business cards, collected by the dailypoetics group on Flickr. Most of the cards are very well designed, with good concepts. What struck me more, was the […]

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Ghost Signs

When I lived and worked in NYC, I would be drawn to the older sections of Manhattan. Tribeca. The East Village. Even sections of Midtown. I would look for “ghost signs.” Ads that were from another time, another era, another New York City, different from the one in which I existed. I was drawn to […]

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We graphic designers get the reputation of being able to identify any typeface (or font) upon command. “What font is that?” “Helvetica Condensed.” “How can you tell?” “Just look at the capital R! It’s so obvious.” I guess it’s a somewhat well-founded stereotype. However, now and again you do run across a mysterious font which […]

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I like fonts.

I like fonts. Really I do. The thrill I get when I match the perfect typeface with the perfect graphic in the perfect way… truly priceless. But, sometimes I hate fonts. One of the things that makes hating fonts so much easier is Font Management Software. Programs such as Suitcase and FontAgent Pro. These program’s […]

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Typography. What can you say about Typography? It is the Art of Type. Kerning, tracking and leading. Ascenders and descenders. X-heights and serifs. Roman and modern. Terribly interesting…if you’re like me. As I think back on my early artistic endeavors that incorporated typography (even if I didn’t know what that word meant at the time) […]

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I attended Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NYC. Each year the whole class has what is called a “Survey.” Basically, you take your best pieces from that whole year and put together a display to show off to the faculty and other students. Kind of like a bunch of lame trade show booths that keep you […]

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