boston snowWe finally decided to do our first BIG ADVENTURE! with Erin Faith. We’re headed West-by-Northwest to Bean Town. That’s Boston, for you non-Northeasterners out there. The home of the recently lucky Red Sox and the newest Northeast dynasty: The New England Patriots (J-E-T-S Jets! Jets! Jets!).

It started out as just being a quick mini-vacation for us. A long weekend to get out of Jersey, visit my grandmother and tour a historical and increasingly hip city. It morphed into a BIG ADVENTURE! this morning when we found out that Boston is expected to get a 8-12 inches of wet, heavy snow on Thursday!! (See that big purple mass on the map heading straight for Boston?) We’re driving up Friday morning. Crazy? Maybe.

We’ll take lots of pictures so that Erin can look back one day and say, “That was the time my parents got stuck in the snow. See my dad there trying to dig the car out? He was so mad. Mom just laughed and laughed at him.”