[May 24, 2005 – Tucson, Arizona] A crop of saguaro cacti framing the rocky Catalina mountain range in northern Tucson. This shot ends my stable of photos from my recent Tucson trip. Hope you’ve enjoyed this and the six before. I’ll be going back again – very soon – to Phoenix, Arizona. Hopefully my photoblogger friend Abe [pinholdmedia.com] will be able to meet up with me and take me to all the coolest places P-Town has to offer. I’m hoping those shots will be more urban than the Tucson photos… but we’ll see! I’ll post at least one more time before I travel and leave you with something worth staring at for a few days.

Now that the Tucson folio is completed, I’d love to hear some comments from you as to what you thought of the whole group. If you want to see them again, just click on the photo titles – under SOME RECENT POSTS – at the right. Thanks!