North Wildwood, New Jersey

This past weekend we took Erin for her first visit to the Atlantic Ocean. We went to North Wildwood, New Jersey where my parents have a condo. It was also Wildwood’s annual Italian-American Festival – which was fun in its own right. Erin absolutely LOVED the ocean. She played with and kicked the water as the tide brought the surf to shore and she picked-up, studied intently and finally ingested as much beach sand as her fat little fingers could grab. This was a big day for Erin also as she clapped her hands for the first time. She’s been clapping her feet – with great dexterity I might add – for months now… our little monkey. She also took a long, much needed nap under the beach umbrella. We’re blessed because she really seems to love the water. From bathtubs to swimming pools to the Atlantic. She’s never met a body of water she didn’t like.