Here is our Little Red Riding Hood, Erin, yesterday on her second Halloween. ‘Aint she just the cutest thing ever? The second photo makes me imagine Little Red running away from the Big Bad Wolf, when in reality the Big Bad Wolf was her Mama.

We made it yet another year without a single trick-or-treater at our door. When we moved to this “older” condo community, we never imagined we would miss something like the doorbells on Halloween so much. Every year we’ve been suckered into buying a single bag of candy JUST IN CASE this year would be different… but we’ve gotten accustomed to eating most of the bag before Halloween even arrives. This year was a bag of Reeses Peanut Butter Cups. I don’t even like them – yet I ate them. I mean, why be wasteful?

We also gave our town another chance last night and drove down to the town Halloween Parade. We arrived and the Pre-K kids were already lined up and marching around the field – being judged by a panel of parents and town council types. We watched from the sidelines since we missed “registration” which apparently entailed getting a paper plate with a tongue depresser glued to it on which they wrote your entrant number for judging. Much like they do in the Miss America pagent, I’m sure. Since she wasn’t eligible to win any prizes (the grande prize being a free goodie bag from the concession window), we watched the two laps of Pre-K stickyness, laughed at some of the costumes and then left. It was bath time and bed time for Little Red and my lame-O-meter was once again going off.

Next year will be a lot more fun. We’ll be in a new house in a new neighborhood full of kids and Erin will be old enough to really have fun with it. We can’t wait.