This past Friday, we had a home inspection of the house we are purchasing. It was an eye-opening experience in which we learned more about our home-to-be than we ever expected. We had a gorgeous day for early November – sunny and warm. The hickory, maple and oak trees were alive with color and we got to see our yard and future neighborhood in all it’s colorful, Autumnal glory. One of the highlights, for us, was the ability to finally take photographs of the house – both inside and out. I’d love to put a picture or two up here, but I feel a little funny about posting photos of a house we don’t yet own. Once it is officially ours and we’ve moved in, I’ll post a photo. For now, if you’d like to see it, e-mail me and maybe I’ll send you a photo.

This home inspection has gotten us more excited about the house than we were. It’s not a perfect house, but they rarely are. Our home inspector was probably as good as they come. He considers home inspections to be “Homeowning 101” as he teaches his clients all about their home and how to care for it. Even knowing all the flaws our house has, it has made us want it even more.

There is a light at the end of this dark tunnel and we are finally starting to believe it.