Are you a DOer or a THINKer? When faced with a decision, do you act without thinking or think without acting? I think these are qualities of two very different types of people… and I think we all fit into one of the categories. As with everything, this is not a black and white issue. For those who tend to act before they think do have times where they actually think first. And those who spend all day thinking do have moments of pure action without thought.

The kicker is, this is an issue of the grass being greener on the other side. If you are a DOer, you wish you thought through your actions more. The thinkers out there wish they could act more quickly (or at all).

I’m a closet THINKer. I like people to think that I’m a DOer. Mr. Action! But I’m not really. I wish I could be the burly tough guy that isn’t afraid of anything – made of iron – can bite the top of a beer bottle off in his teeth – kinda guy. But, I’m not.

Scott Hodge has a link today to THIS STORY which illustrates my point perfectly. Are you the THINKer looking down onto the subway tracks, pining away for his doomed iPod, or are you the DOer who hops down without a care and retrieves the iPod from certain flattening?