The gauntlet has been thrown down.
This all started from this post of Jason with Katie Couric. If you peruse the comments section, you can see that he actually fooled his own wife, mother and sister with his hack photoshop job. Feeling all high & mighty with himself, he foolishly challenged me to a photoshop contest. This is my reply:

Oh man, you can’t be serious. You really want a photoshop contest with me? If so, this is how it will work…

We use the same base image to work from and create it into something else (using our creativity and Adobe Photoshop ONLY). We can then post the results (and the base image) on my blog. Then we are judged by our friends/family in the comments section. No anonymous votes will be counted. We will be judged on the quality of the photoshop work and the creativity we used.

Hows’ about it?

If your “katie couric” masterpiece is any indication of your “skillz” than I’m not worried.
Bring it.

Check back soon to see if the challenge was accepted or not.

The Challenge Has Been Accepted.