There has been a fair amount of hinting at the fact that my wife and I are packing up our condo and buying a house. Well, the time has arrived. Our move will be taking place over the next few days and we are so excited, nervous, and full of aniticipation that we are making ourselves sick. Yes, absolutely, clinically SICK.

But it’s all good.


Picture a lazy river with almost no current. You need to get to the next town on the river in a specified amount of time, in a heavy boat with holes. In order to get anywhere you need to paddle your boat like crazy – at the same time you’re dumping water out to stay afloat. It’s tiring & frustrating to get even the slightest bit of momentum or to feel like any progress is being made. This is the journey we have been on.

The good news is that as you approach the town, you hit some light rapids and the current is strong now, and so you needn’t paddle so furiously. As a bonus, you figured out how to patch the holes in your boat. And so you find yourself gliding swiftly across the water to your destination.

So here we are, drifting quickly into town on the current.

Beat up.
Ready to fall to pieces.