Feeling sad today because there have been so many horrible news stories in the last two weeks dealing with violent crimes against innocent children.

It began with the step dad that beat his 7-year old daughter to a pulp while she was tied to a chair (because she wouldn’t stop acting like a child…), then the father who killed his two kids with a hammer (a HAMMER!), then the mom who wanted to free her 5 month old from a breathing problem by drowning her in a tub (the baby is gonna make it miraculously), then the stupidity of the mom who was caught on camera letting her kids out of the trunk of her car (she claimed they asked to ride in the trunk…), the two year old who died of a cocaine overdose, then the six-year-old girl accidentally strangled by the family golden retriever as the dog playfully grabbed the girls scarf and dragged her around the yard, and most recently this story about the tractor trailer in Florida that plowed into a stopped car full of children and then ramming their car into a school bus – which was also full of kids. The 5 children in the car (oldest was 15, youngest was a baby) were all killed when the car exploded on impact, and many of the kids on the bus were severely injured. Then we find out the children in the car were all foster kids and the adoptive grandfather had a fatal heart attack when he heard the news.

So sad. So horrible. What kind of world is this?