What’s creative mean? What does it mean to be creative? or worse yet, what does it mean to be A creative? I hate when people say, “oh, he’s a creative.” Since when did creative become a noun? I think a lot of times people who have talents in the arts are automatically labeled as being creative. Does ARTISTIC always equal CREATIVE? I say no.

Paint by number? Not creative.

I think it’s a given that people who are not artistic can be creative. Mathematicians, engineers & scientists have to be creative in order to continually develop new theories and figure out ways to improve our lives – but most of those professions don’t make you think of Picasso or Dali. But if you ARE artistic… if you have the ability to draw, paint, sculpt, sing, dance, act, or write… this does not automatically make one creative. I think creativity is a whole different muscle.

I rarely think of myself as being especially creative, yet I’ve been told I was since the day someone realized I could draw – and it seems like this declaration was based solely on my artistic talents. All through high school as my drawing and painting got better and all through art school as I was groomed into a designer I was told how creative I am. Frankly, I don’t see it. I work hard to be creative.

To create something – to be truly creative – is to dream up something from nothing.

I rarely dream up something without using outside influences of things that already exist. I believe that makes my creation less creative than the person who dreamed up their creation from thin air. Now, to be honest, that doesn’t have any bearing on the quality or value of the creation… the idea that was created from nothing may just plain suck… it’s just more creative.

I think my hang-up comes from the fact that I value very highly those who can truly think and act creatively. I don’t think you should be called “a creative” based solely on your job description.

Do you consider yourself creative? Why or why not? Have you even ever thought about what makes someone creative?