cactusNothin’ like a half-day on a Friday – especially the Friday before a business trip. I fly to Phoenix, Arizona on Monday morning for a week-long business trip in Tucson. Should be a pretty easy trip and, dare I say, fun. We’ll be staying at the Westin La Paloma Resort and Spa. Looks pretty nice. Possibly get in a round of golf… It’s looking to be between 101 – 110 degrees all next week.

I’ll even get to see my Aunt & Uncle and two cousins who live out in Tucson for a day. Haven’t seen my Aunt since my sister’s wedding in 2000 and my cousins since my wedding in 1999.

Yes, it’s pretty hard to leave my pregnant wife for a week. My head tells me that everything will be fine and there’s absolutely no chance of anything going wrong while I’m away, but you still feel a little uneasy. I guess it’s part of being human. Our good friend Beth will be my substitute birth coach for our Monday evening Lamaze class. Thank you so much Beth. It settles my mind so much to know that you’ll be there in my stead. It’s a very low impact class, but it’s still good to know that Kate will have company.

Well, I might be able to squeeze one more blog in before I leave Monday morning.