You know you’ve got a chemical imbalance when…

…you overcome your plumbing-phobia by fixing a toilet in your house, learning about how toilets actually work, and topping it off with a pure enjoyment of the process… All before lunch!

Since I can tell already that you’re as excited about this as I am, let me share with you how I learned that my upstairs toilet uses a Float-Cup mechanism (as seen in the diagram), instead of the more popular Float-Ball mechanism or the rare Tilt-Cup mechanism.


But that’s not all! I also figured out how to stop the toilet from constantly running (always useful), and – my personal favorite toilet discovery from today – how to adjust the water level in the tank to sit RIGHT ON THE ‘WATER LEVEL’ LINE! LIKE. EXACTLY. ON. THE. LINE.

It’s all terribly exciting.

Thanks Mom and Dad. Those “How To Fix Anything & Everything In Your House” books are really paying off!

Here’s a fun link to the website of the official Toilet Seat Art Museum of Alamo Heights, Texas. To think, one state alone holds such a priceless national treasure! Be sure to click through to page 3 to see the Montel Williams toilet seat. It alone is worth the price of admission.