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On June 30th we drove up to New Hampshire and checked into a hotel in Manchester. The next afternoon, July 1st, we drove 10 minutes southeast to Sandown, NH where we met Alita at Doberman Rescue Unlimited, Inc. We drove a long ways to meet her and she instantly made the trip worth every second. Not long after, we headed home with our new friend.

Since I’m not a big fan of dog names that contain more than two syllables, we shortened her name to just: Lita.

She seems to have had a stable past. She was born to a Doberman breeder on Long Island where she spent some time in the ring as a showdog. When her ribbon winning days were over (well, we assume she won some ribbons), she was used as a breeder and had three litters of puppies. When her puppy-making days were over she was sold and/or given to another Long Islander who kept her for less than a year before a new job left her with no time to care for Lita. That new owner dropped her off at the local shelter who was good enough to get her to DRU where she lived four long months before coming home with us.

She is seven years old. Her birth date, May 5th (Cinco de Mayo) she shares with our good friend Beth. Lita’s great loves in life are her humans, food of most any variety, unending pats and scratches, and of course rolling around in the grass like a complete idiot she’s possessed by a 1970s breakdancer.

She’s been a lot of fun for us. SO MUCH DIFFERENT than our late dobie Bessie, but just as good and just as loving. Why people don’t like dogs purely based on their breed is beyond me.