Describing color is a lot like describing a fine wine. With wine, you reflect on it’s body, it’s flavor, it’s aroma and you come up with clever, colorful descriptions to convey your findings to those around you. I see color the same way.

Never do I look at a blue and see only blue. Or a white and see only white. The descriptors for color range from intensity level to saturation to hue to brightness. Surfaces in which color is presented are being affected by everything around it. A white wall is being influenced from the bluish-white light coming from the window, to the yellow-orange bulb from the nearby lamp, to the green carpet to the curtains diffusing the light.

The next time you see a big fluffy cloud in the sky, look at its color. Ask yourself what color is it. Is it really white? Or do you see violet. Do you see blue. Green. Yellow. Orange. How many colors make up that “white” cloud.