My few, loyal blog readers… I would like to take this opportunity to give free publicity to a fantastic blog I recently discovered. The blog’s name is KidSpeak and the author will be examining, dissecting, reviewing and critiquing children’s literature from the point-of-view of an early childhood educator, mother and children’s book fanatic.

KidSpeak promises to be very thoughtful, well-researched and intelligent writing on an important topic that all of us – especially parents of toddlers and early readers – should be more informed about.

I hope you take the time to click over to KidSpeak and read the author’s opening two posts about the direction she would like to take the blog. Like all bloggers, feedback is always appreciated. So if you feel the urge to leave a comment on her blog, I hope you do.

And, oh yeah, one last point. The author is my wife. Her previous endeavor, The Cozy Blog, will fade into the darkness of the blogosphere, never to return.

Go visit KidSpeak! Don’t forget to bookmark it! It’s gonna be fun.