Open Petition to the News Networks:

I’ve had enough. I no longer wish to designate my precious – and slowly shrinking – brain capacity to the Anna Nicole Smith tragedy. I don’t believe the story qualifies as news any longer. It did when it first happened. Nobody can blame you for the first 36-48 hours of round-the-clock news coverage. However you have now crossed the line from legitimate news to entertainment and sensationalism. You didn’t devote this much airtime to President’s Ford passing. I really do miss the days when news networks actually reported on *gasp* the news.

The very idea that Anna Nicole Smith’s death is somehow STILL more tragic than the real horrors happening every day astounds me. Everyday people in our hometowns, and around the world, are dying from hunger and poverty. People are dying from horrible diseases that we can cure. People are dying from diseases because they can’t afford the cure. Children are dying from neglect and abuse. Babies are dying.

I implore you from the bottom of my heart. Please cease the 24/7 Anna Nicole Smith death/muder/legal battle/paternity suit/ SOAP OPERA and show me something that I can actually care about. Thanks.

I never did understand how gossip rags like The National Enquirer stay in business. I guess this stems from that.

If you agree leave me a comment. If not, leave me a comment. Appreciate it!�