I decided to respond to Rudolf’s comment (below) with a post, since I want to make sure I’m not being misunderstood.

I don’t know if i read it correctly but did you say that you don’t think there is a church for everyone?!!!!!!!!


sorry i just don’t understand where you are comming from.
Is that not what we as God’s church are stiving for…UNITY.

I want to preface my response by saying that I don’t desire for this blog to be a place to argue or debate theological and/or philosophical questions. There’s LOTS of other blogs out there that love this kind of thing.

Yes Rudolf, you read it correctly. I did say that I don’t think there is a church for everyone. Now, what I meant by that may be different than what you think I meant. While I don’t think any church, or denomination or religion has “it” all right – that’s not even the direction I was going. I was simply saying that each church, each family, takes on a unique personality and purpose. This can take shape via the pastor, the members, the neighborhood, or any number of factors. The personality will usually drive the purpose. Some churches focus on overseas missions. Some focus on local outreach. Some sing traditional hymns a cappella. Some play rock n roll. Some don’t sing at all. You should find the style and personality church that works for you. Find a church that challenges you. That excites you. That makes you want to get involved with what they’re doing.

I think the church that sings a cappella and the church with the bass guitar and amps are still serving the same purpose and same God, while using their unique situation to form a unique culture.

All that to reinforce my belief that the marketing efforts each church may make should accurately and honestly portray the culture, the personality and purpose of that church. Visitors should have some idea of the unique experience that church has to offer.

I hope I answered your question and clarified my true intent in that statement.