This past week, my friend Dave over at  had the opportunity to sit down and interview the Yankee legend Mel Stottlemyre. For those who may not know, Stottlemyre is best known for his days as a Yankees pitcher and more recently the New York Yankess Pitching Coach, retiring in 2005 after the Yankees loss in the ALDS to the Angels. Dave’s interview isn’t up yet, but when it gets posted I’ll be sure to link it.

In soccer news, 90’s Prime (our ZogSports team) suffered our season opener loss last night against the Anchorage Buccaneers, under the uneven lights of Asphalt Green in NYC. Final score was 2-4.

Also last night, Manchester United defeated Roma by an astounding score of 7-1. This win catapults United into the semi-finals of the Champions League in Europe.