While watching Top Chef last night with my wife, I saw an ad for ask.com that stuck with me… Even as I woke up this morning, I was thinking about the ad.

The ad was very aggressive and went after the big dog on the block: Google – not specifically by name, of course.

The ad’s only message was to say that your search shouldn’t be boring, ala white background, sparse graphics, etc… like Google. Instead, check out all the cook “skins” (background photos) that you can apply to our search page to make searching… fun?

Ask.com has totally misjudged their audience. Their audience consists of people searching for information, and they’re going to go to who – in their mind – can deliver the most accurate results. That is the position ask.com should have taken, not the frilly stuff that has no realĀ  bearing on the user’s visit.

Am I being too harsh?

I looked briefly on youtube and ask.com’s website for a clip of the commercial and came up empty.