banana.jpgI’ve heard the term “guerrilla marketing” before, but this takes it to an extreme! I grabbed a banana from the house this morning. When I got to work and went to eat it, the sticker caught my eye. (Sorry for the bad camera phone photo). The sticker design depicts the orangutan, King Louie, from Walt Disney’s 1967 classic animated feature The Jungle Book. And guess what, he’s eating a banana! How clever!

The banana is distributed by Del Monte, but apparently they’ve partnered up with Disney to market the release of the new 2-disc DVD of The Jungle Book. The label also directs the eater of the banana to the website, where you can see all about the wonderful DVD release, enter a sweepstakes and watch video clips from the movie.

On one hand I love to be surprised by creative marketing, and this one surprised me. On the other hand, do I really want advertising on my fruit?