I found out (via CECWorship blog) that NKOTB are putting together a reunion.

Oh.. what? Right, sorry… NKOTB stands for New Kids On The Block… the late 80’s boy band from Boston that had millions of pre-teen girls in maniacal convulsions – finally understanding what their moms may have experienced with that other boy band a couple decades earlier.

I was filled with pure giddyness this morning as I approached Kate to tell her the big news… You see, when she was 12, she and her girlfriends managed to get tickets to a NKOTB concert. They were HUGE fans. Her favorite was Joey McIntyre. Well, after the concert, they convinced their driver (whichever mom was the chaperon that night) to FOLLOW THE BAND’S BUS BACK TO THEIR HOTEL. Screaming in giddy excitement the whole way, I’m sure. Well, the hotel staff wouldn’t let anyone but hotel guests enter, so the mom went in to see if she could purchase a room for the night so that the girls would be able to hang out with the other crazies at the hotel…you know, in case Joey couldn’t sleep and decided to go hang out in the hotel lounge and get to know some fans… Well, no rooms available. So, as my wife puts it, they just “took pictures in front of the tour bus and ate cold Pizza Hut pizza, and then went home.”

Well, that story has provided an endless source of entertainment to me and I enjoy teasing her now and then about it. And this morning did not disappoint… I wish I had a video camera to capture her face lighting up. It was simply joy in the purest sense. It made us both very happy for different reasons.

I showed her the new website, with teaser video, and signed her up for the e-mailing list, as any loving husband would do. It was much fun.