What is Twitter?

I’ve finally joined the ranks of the twitter revolution. Not really sure why… or how exactly it will improve my life, but I’m willing to give it a trial period.

For those who are twittilliterateâ„¢, twitter is a program that lets you make short updates about your day, life, situation in real time and have it appear either my account page on twitter’s website, or if you are following my twitter RSS feed, or if you visit my blog and see my updates at the top of the sidebar.

Since I can send updates via Instant Messenger, I may do it more regularly than I think. But like all new technology, I’m sure the novelty will wear off and I’ll go through periods where I don’t post any updates and eventually just let it die a slow death.

But for now, enjoy my twitters!

PS – “twittilliterate” is MINE. Use with permission only! 😛