Since this blog traces its origins back to being a “daddy blog,” I can’t think of a more appropriate resurrection than a post announcing that my rockstar wife is pregnant with our third child! We’re so excited and feel so blessed.

Details? The due date is officially 7 January 2009. The other “little” detail is that it’s a BOY! Third time’s the charm, I guess… though we weren’t specifically trying for a boy. But, it’s amazing how many people assume we were since we already have two girls. I think since I’m so comfortable with raising little girls now, I had just convinced myself it was a girl. Plus, our friends just had their 5th girl and so that wonderful news was still fresh in our minds. So now that the shock is wearing off, the excitement is building.

The “fun” of choosing a name has begun. It seems easier for me to rule out potential names than to actually say out loud that I like one. Nevertheless, the list has begun and a few of the ones at the top are really sounding good…

I’m also very excited that my time at NF will continue with a little Tree Climber someday. I can’t wait to walk through camp with my son and bore him to tears with all the stories of the fun/dumb/dangerous stuff my friends and I did there over my 15 year tenure.


The other big news is that our oldest daughter turns FOUR YEARS OLD this Saturday. Amazing how quickly she has turned from a fragile infant to a walking, talking(!), rationalizing, full of personality, real little person! I’m so happy with the girl she is turning into. She’s so much fun. She also drew a picture of our new family (baby boy included) that I’ll post here once I take a picture of it.

That’s all for now.