Okay, so I went a little nuts this year. I didn’t think it was so complex at the time I drew it on the pumpkin, but once I got into it I realized just how long of a night it was going to be. I started at 7:00 p.m. and just ended now, at 1:00 a.m. I didn’t carve straight through, but didn’t take too many breaks either. I did discover a new technique however. If you simply shallow out section, you can create a third “color” on the carving. Instead of a hole, or no hole, this shallow area glows from the candle without being a hole. You can kinda see what I mean on the photo below. I don’t think next years will be this complex, but this was a fun one to do.

If anyone is looking for the obvious symbolism: There are three acorns this year. One for me, one for Kate and a baby acorn for Erin. And of course, the acorns and leaves all come from an oak tree. Our last name is derived from the German word for “oak.”

(And Happy Birthday to my parents. My dad’s birthday was yesterday and my Mom’s is tomorrow. I meant to call today but got tied up with the pumpkin. I’ll call tomorrow to wish you both a happy birthday!)


2003’s Pumpkin:

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