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24-hour stomach bugs are the worst. At least I hope it’s only 24 hours! Abbie started it, then Erin got it, and now I’ve had it since last night. Hopefully Kate remains impervious to the bug.

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My few, loyal blog readers… I would like to take this opportunity to give free publicity to a fantastic blog I recently discovered. The blog’s name is KidSpeak and the author will be examining, dissecting, reviewing and critiquing children’s literature from the point-of-view of an early childhood educator, mother and children’s book fanatic. KidSpeak promises […]

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Random Catch-Ups

I can’t believe Abbie is over a month old already. It seems like only a few days ago we brought her home. We had her church dedication last Sunday and had a tremendous turnout from our families. It was wonderful to have Abbie surrounded by so many people who love her, including her big sister […]

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2006 Pumpkin

One of my favorite annual traditions is carving our pumpkin. My usual tradition of autumnal motifs has side-stepped this season, to allow our two year old’s creative input. When asked what she would like carved, she declared “BOB TATO!” That translates into “Bob, the Tomato” character from VeggieTales.

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Abbie • 3 Weeks Old

Abigail at 3 weeks old, with protector.

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Abbie’s Birth Story

Let me preface this story with saying what an amazingly strong and courageous woman my wife is. She amazes me everyday, but her strength in the face of a mountain of physical and emotional pain was overwhelming to witness. I’m proud to call her my wife and mother of my two daughters. Kate’s due date […]

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Abigail Grace

Abigail Grace Eicher (Abbie) Born 3:08am on Monday, October 9th 7 lbs., 19″ long Everyone’s doing great! Will post more details/photos once we’re settled in back home. Thanks for your prayers!

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The Waiting Game

As most of my site visitors know, we are in the final days before Kate gives birth to our second daughter. Her due date is just under 27 hours from now, yet there are no clear signs that we’re very close. This would be called the waiting game. I’ve learned that superstitions don’t take centuries […]

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Pumpkin Pickin’

The video link below is my first attempt at creating a home movie. It is from last weekend when we took Erin to a local farm to get some pumpkins. I’m pretty pleased with it, considering it is my VERY first attempt, but there are some edits that I may go back in to change. […]

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Baby Soundtrack

One of the fun tasks I get to take on, as a pending new father, is to create a mix CD to bring to the hospital. The CD’s purpose is two-fold: First, the majority of the songs should be relaxing and soothing to the mother. This does not mean it has to be elevator music […]

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