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Coach Lou Holtz

When I met Kate in 1993 I was a die-hard Penn State football fan. Blue and White. Joe Paterno. Nittany Lions. All the way. Well, once we got serious that was all going to change. Her family, you see, were slightly fanatical Notre Dame football fans. Honestly, it was pretty scary the first time I […]

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Haiku Reviews!

My complete and utter lack of downtime has left my blogging well all dried up. In order to make ammends, I treat you now to some movie reviews of my recent 2005 DVD rentals, all in the ancient poetic form of Haiku. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (2005) Burton Disappoints. He lost track of the […]

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The Crayon Box That Talked

Last night, I had my second opportunity to attend the annual Trustees’ Dinner for Mercy College. One of the guest speakers was Wally “Famous” Amos. Creator of “Famous Amos” cookies and more recently TV teacher and host of a PBS adult literacy program. He read several children’s books during his presentation, including “ Love You […]

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Book Review: How Soccer Explains the World

I’ve just finished reading How Soccer Explains the World: An {Unlikely} Theory of Globalization, by Franklin Foer, which I referenced in a previous post back in January. Foer takes us kicking and screaming around the globe as he introduces us to the hot beds of soccer. From Croatia to Brazil. From the UK to Italy. […]

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Starry Night and Branding

Tonight was the first time Erin noticed the stars in the night sky. We get amazing clear night skys, showing off zillions of stars. I took Erin out of the car and asked her if she sees the stars. She looked puzzled for a moment, since the only stars she knew were the glow-in-the-dark variety […]

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How Soccer Explains The World

I’m at the midway point through this book and it is just fantastic. I really wish I had more time to sit and read 50 pages at a time, but my reading schedule is usually in 10-15 minute stints. My awesome wife Kate [cozy blog] bought this and another book for me. I was immediately […]

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Putting In A Window

As I was driving home last night from a terribly long day at work, I heard the deep, soothing voice of Garrison Keillor reading a poem on NPR’s 5-minute show The Writer’s Almanac. The poem he read, Putting in a Window, was written by John Brantingham and it calmed my nerves from the day and […]

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Book Tag

Playing “Book Tag” and I got tagged by Cozy Blog. 1. How many books have I owned? Tough question. Most of the books that I have ever bought are still on my bookshelf. I would say under 150 books since I realized pretty early on that I rarely finish books that I start – and […]

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Reading is Fun & Mental

I go through phases of reading books. I really started to read books for the shear enjoyment of it back in college. Before then the only books I read were assignments from school teachers and were rarely interesting and never worth talking about. Since college, I’ve gone into lulls now and then where I either […]

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