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I’ve got Canoe-Brain. It’s a legitimate condition. I looked it up. Canoe-Brain is a debilitating illness where one cannot think about anything but canoes for an extended period of time. I’ve been afflicted with Canoe-Brain since my 30th birthday last week, when my wife presented me with the gift of CANOE. The best part is […]

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Canoe Trip 2005

I cannot, with good conscience, give the account of my recent canoe trip without firstly giving credit to my wife Kate and the three other wives (Beth B., Becky B. and Lisa M.) who, with all their grace and generosity allowed us the time away from our families. Thank you Kate, I love you. So […]

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Upper Saranac Lk. to Lk. Flower

One of the many things my wife has brought to our marriage is the fun of reminiscing. When she and her 4 siblings get together, it is all about the retelling of stories from their youth. Exact details and specifics aren’t necessarily important, so long as the story gets a huge laugh out of everyone […]

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