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Wow, has it really been three years since I started blogging?

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Lessons in Brand Loyalty

My first car was a 1986 Honda Civic Hatchback. Powder blue. Manual transmission. It was awesome. It looked just like this. It was mostly indestructable… until it wasn’t anymore. Ever since I have loved Hondas. I currently own two Hondas. A 2001 Civic sedan and a 2005 CR-V. I’m a Hondavangelist! I tell everyone what […]

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Link Luv

My buddy Scott Hodge threw me some link love today, due to my recent IM Away Message. Check it out here (unless you followed his link here… in that case, you were just there so clicking that link would be kinda pointless… you know what? do whatever you want. You’re an adult (probably).) It’s nice […]

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My friend Joe leads a young church plant in Brooklyn. His blog post today let him get a few things off his chest. Such as admitting that he doesn’t know how to grill meat… and he’s from Texas. This post is almost as transparent as Joe is in real life. His blog, Brooklyn & Beyond, […]

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Public Service Announcement

If you’re using Internet Explorer v 6.0 on a PC, please upgrade to 7.0 (click here), or better yet, go to mozilla.com and download Firefox 2.0 to use as your primary web browser. Users using IE 6 on a PC will see a light blue box as the header instead of the graphic. I would […]

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The big M – revisited

I decided to respond to Rudolf’s comment (below) with a post, since I want to make sure I’m not being misunderstood. I don’t know if i read it correctly but did you say that you don’t think there is a church for everyone?!!!!!!!! WHAT”S UP WITH THAT! sorry i just don’t understand where you are […]

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Felt inspired this afternoon to change up the look of my blog. For the most part I’m loving it, though I still have a few small tweaks to make over the next day or so. I never redesigned the basic template I’m using, and so it never really felt like my own. Now it does. […]

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What Would Jesus Steal?

Plagiarism was a really big deal in grammar school and high school. Parents, teachers and librarians joined forces to convey the serious consequences if caught plagiarizing a book report, essay or term paper. Nothing short of the cops showing up in school and hauling you away in front of your classmates. I know I was […]

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Hey There!

I think I can count on two hands my usual visitors to this blog. As I look at my daily hits and unique visitor statistics, I know that a lot more people find this blog on a daily basis, and I feel that it’s about time we met. So, whether or not I know you […]

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My few, loyal blog readers… I would like to take this opportunity to give free publicity to a fantastic blog I recently discovered. The blog’s name is KidSpeak and the author will be examining, dissecting, reviewing and critiquing children’s literature from the point-of-view of an early childhood educator, mother and children’s book fanatic. KidSpeak promises […]

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