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Welcome to CreativeJournal.net! If you’re reading this post, odds are that you followed a link from my old blog “Blaqenedwyte Blog.” Notice, I said “old” blog. I had several reasons to abandon not only Blaqenedwyte, but my domain name as well – none of which are important enough to share here. Please take this opportunity […]

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CreativeJournal.net is coming soon

Welcome to CreativeJournal.net. Please be patient as the site design/layout gets worked out.

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Really, really big, even! Stay tuned for some humongous changes… happening right HERE!

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The Expanding Blogosphere

I wanted to take this opportunity to highlight four Blogs that I’ve recently added to my blogroll. These four friends are all quite talented writers, and also people that I know personally. Through the Looking Glass – by Alisa Cooper Alisa is a talented writer, wonderful photographer, newlywed, and future for-real Librarian… living with her […]

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Word Cloud

This is kinda fun. It’s a program that scans the front page of your blog and creates a word cloud of the most common words. The more common the word, the larger it appears in the cloud. I’m pretty happy with mine. It even allows you to edit it, so I got to remove all […]

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When driving around the Upper East Side of NYC last weekend, I noticed the rooftop ad on a yellow taxi cab. It was simply a single word: PEANUTOPOLIS. The typography was very familiar. It was the Snickers® candy bar logo. I recognized it instantly and I said so to my wife when we saw it. […]

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In Defense of the Game

On my friend Joe’s blog [Mets or Yankees…do you even care?], he allows his neighbor Bryan (a Mets fan) explain the subtle difference between the Mets and Yankees organizations in a not so subtle way. Below is the comment I left on his blog, reprinted below with permission from… well, me. Text below in italics […]

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Merriam-Webster’s Medical Dictionary defines ARITHMOMANIA as “a morbid compulsion to count objects”. Webster’s New Millennium Dictionary defines ARITHMOMANIA as “b. compulsive counting”. I have arithmomania and I have had it for as long as I can remember. I’m still unsure if it is a blessing or a curse. Has it gotten better or worse over […]

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Bob Costas gets Dooced!

Finally someone who feels the same way about Bob Costas as I do… even more so I’m afraid… [Link]

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Super Bowl Saturday!

I know, the big bowl game is tomorrow, but who says that the day before can’t be “Super” as well? I say it can and it should. Here’s how I’m spending my Super Bowl Saturday… I began by cooking up some pancakes for the family. Erin actually wolfed them down to our surprise (she hasn’t […]

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