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Forecast Design

I’ve been subjected to paying closer attention to the weather the last few days. We had a Nor’Easter blow through Sunday and Monday leaving flooding and general havoc in its wake. As a visual person I have always been attracted to many variations of weather maps you see on TV and the internet. I posted […]

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RED means GO

Ok, so I’m going to temporarily ignore the heartache caused by the lack of comments on the previous post and move on in my life. Thank you to those who felt enough pity on me to leave a short comment. I went to get my car inspected this afternoon. Unlike other states, New York doesn’t […]

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color and wine

Describing color is a lot like describing a fine wine. With wine, you reflect on it’s body, it’s flavor, it’s aroma and you come up with clever, colorful descriptions to convey your findings to those around you. I see color the same way. Never do I look at a blue and see only blue. Or […]

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Crazy for CNN.com? Mad about MSNBC.com? Googly over Google News? Well, if browsing news headlines on the internet bores you as much as it does me, you may want to check out newsmap. It’s a flash-based graphical news feed that allows you to view news headlines from 11 different countries, sorted into any of 7 […]

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Bravia Advert

Sony has released it’s latest advert for their BRAVIA television line. They’ve certainly spent a hefty budget on making spot with a very high production value. Click the still below to watch the ad. I’m sure you’ll be as impressed as I was. Thanks Dad for the link!

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Painting Oatmeal

We’ve lived in our new house since mid-December (almost 8 months now) and have finally begun the task of repainting the inside rooms. We chose a nice neutral color for the living room, dining room, foyer and hallways. It’s a Ralph Lauren color named Oatmeal and we like it a lot. So now comes the […]

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The Gates

This afternoon, we strolled through Central Park to see the installation artwork The Gates, by the husband/wife team Christo and Jeanne-Claude. We took a bunch of photos – hope you like them. It really is an amazing piece of artwork – as are their previous pieces of art. I had the chance to meet the […]

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