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Process is Art, Part II

So to continue in my random thinking of the previous post, I pose this question to myself. If process is art then what exactly is hanging in Art Museums? For we cannot physically frame the blue feelings Picasso felt, or the rare moments of sanity Van Gogh may have experienced while painting in the fields, […]

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Process is Art

Something I’ve been pondering… The discipline of Graphic Design ceases to be Art when the creation process, the craft, ceases to create Joy in the designer. Clearly, that could be worded better, but I hope you get the gist.

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Forecast Design

I’ve been subjected to paying closer attention to the weather the last few days. We had a Nor’Easter blow through Sunday and Monday leaving flooding and general havoc in its wake. As a visual person I have always been attracted to many variations of weather maps you see on TV and the internet. I posted […]

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Felt inspired this afternoon to change up the look of my blog. For the most part I’m loving it, though I still have a few small tweaks to make over the next day or so. I never redesigned the basic template I’m using, and so it never really felt like my own. Now it does. […]

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The big M.

First, thanks so much for the comments on my previous post. It’s great to read your thoughts. I think in the name of fairness, I should point out that – for the most part – I don’t personally believe (nor wish to believe) that churches go around maliciously stealing sermons, designs, ideas as a regular […]

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What Would Jesus Steal?

Plagiarism was a really big deal in grammar school and high school. Parents, teachers and librarians joined forces to convey the serious consequences if caught plagiarizing a book report, essay or term paper. Nothing short of the cops showing up in school and hauling you away in front of your classmates. I know I was […]

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We graphic designers get the reputation of being able to identify any typeface (or font) upon command. “What font is that?” “Helvetica Condensed.” “How can you tell?” “Just look at the capital R! It’s so obvious.” I guess it’s a somewhat well-founded stereotype. However, now and again you do run across a mysterious font which […]

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Drawing on Time

Like many graphic designers, I stumbled into my career because I dabbled in the fine arts as a youngster. Growing up, I would finger-paint masterpieces, sculpt one-of-a-kind works out of Play-Doh®, and sketch scenes with my No.2 school pencil that would put Rockwell to shame. Having parents who appreciated and encouraged my artistic exploration was […]

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I like fonts.

I like fonts. Really I do. The thrill I get when I match the perfect typeface with the perfect graphic in the perfect way… truly priceless. But, sometimes I hate fonts. One of the things that makes hating fonts so much easier is Font Management Software. Programs such as Suitcase and FontAgent Pro. These program’s […]

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Graphic Design 101 – Communication

I’ve been wanting to pen a thoroughly explorative, yet mildly entertaining series of posts on what being a “graphic designer” actually means. When I tell people that I am a graphic designer I get a lot of blank nods and strange grins, but most of those people don’t feel comfortable enough to engage in a […]

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