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When driving around the Upper East Side of NYC last weekend, I noticed the rooftop ad on a yellow taxi cab. It was simply a single word: PEANUTOPOLIS. The typography was very familiar. It was the Snickers® candy bar logo. I recognized it instantly and I said so to my wife when we saw it. […]

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Starry Night and Branding

Tonight was the first time Erin noticed the stars in the night sky. We get amazing clear night skys, showing off zillions of stars. I took Erin out of the car and asked her if she sees the stars. She looked puzzled for a moment, since the only stars she knew were the glow-in-the-dark variety […]

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What’s Creative?

What’s creative mean? What does it mean to be creative? or worse yet, what does it mean to be A creative? I hate when people say, “oh, he’s a creative.” Since when did creative become a noun? I think a lot of times people who have talents in the arts are automatically labeled as being […]

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Blog Housekeeping

I’ve been experimenting with different background patterns/colors. This particular “wallpaper” option was adapted from my long lost friend, Rai’s blog Quixotic [link]. Normally I try to adhere to a clean-simple-elegant style of design, yet this wallpaper is much more interesting to me than the ugly flat blue color that I had previously. I don’t think […]

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The Challenge

The gauntlet has been thrown down. This all started from this post of Jason with Katie Couric. If you peruse the comments section, you can see that he actually fooled his own wife, mother and sister with his hack photoshop job. Feeling all high & mighty with himself, he foolishly challenged me to a photoshop […]

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New Blog Design

My wife Kate [cozy blog] likes to poke fun at me and tell me that everything I design I make blue. Although patently untrue, it is easy to see how one can think this. Some of my more well received design work has been based on a color palette of blue and white. I like […]

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Dooce vs. Advertising

(…and Advertising is kicking the crap out of Dooce.) I’ve been a big fan of the blog known as DOOCE since shortly after I began to blog in April 2004. Dooce is owned and authored by Heather B. Armstrong of Salt Lake City, Utah. She is the quintessential “mommy blogger” and has had minor fame […]

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2005 Pratt Show

Once again, I was invited to the Special Reception for Professionals at the 2005 Pratt Show. If you’re a longtime follower of my blog, you may remember me posting about 2004’s Pratt Show. Again, it was held at the Hammerstein Ballroom in Manhattan. Lots of good work this year. Some of it even inspiring to […]

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15 Minutes

You know how they say everyone eventually gets their 15 minutes of fame? Today I got the distinct impression that I already had mine. As I was sitting in the kitchen today at work, the conversation turned to how I used to design movie posters. “Yeah man, like he made the poster for Notting Hill.” […]

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What is Graphic Design?

// WHAT IS IT? It’s really a good question that gets asked a lot. An especially good question since even among prominent graphic designers the answers differ. The simplest definition I can supply is: Graphic designers organize information. Simple as that. The type of information varies greatly (from text to graphs to charts to photographs […]

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