DOMINO [imdb]

Directed by: Tony Scott
Starring: Keira Knightley, Mickey Rourke, Edgar Ramirez and Delroy Lindo

The Setup: An almost true story of bounty hunter Domino Harvey (Knightley). Real-life daughter of actor Laurence Harvey who began a young career as a Ford model only to turn away from that lifestyle to pursue a career in Bounty Hunting.

The Good:
Tony Scott sets up a dynamic plot line that twists and turns. His visual style of high contrast, blown out photography lends itself well to the washed out lives of the characters he portrays. The timeline never gets slow and you find yourself trying to figure out what the next twist in the story is going to be.

The Bad: One of the best parts of this film was the romantic tension that was continuously building between Domino and her fellow bounty hunter Choco (Ramirez). You knew they would eventually get together but the ups and downs of the tension was a pretty decent subplot that was pulled off incredibly well amidst all the violence. However, all that wonderful tension was completely deflated when Scott throws in a reckless scene of nudity from a strip club that was neither necessary to the overall film or to the story line. It was the very definition of gratuitous and, for me, it put a very bad taste in my mouth and ulimately ruined the film for me – and I think it did for the others I was with as well.

Grade: D+