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This is Bessie. We adopted Bessie in 2001 from a wonderful Doberman Rescue shelter. We don’t believe that she was the victim of serious physical abuse (like so many others), but she shows signs of serious neglect and will flinch slightly if I raise my hand too quickly. She’s not perfect, but who of us is?

She is a peaceful, old soul who only wants to please. Before we had Erin, Bessie was lucky enough to be the lone receiver of our joint affection. She was also the lone receiver of our camera lens. These six photos are among my favorites.

Adjusting to the new house was hardest for Bess. It took her over a week to realize that we weren’t going back to the condo – the only home she’s known since the shelter. She has adjusted now, and loves her fenced-in yard and the view from her big picture window.

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