Super Bowl XLSo I was thinking about what I would be doing this Sunday, since it is Super Bowl Sunday… I have a few options of get-togethers with family, friends, etc… but it just dawned on me. I have absolutely zero interest in this year’s Super Bowl XL. I have zero stake in either team, have not followed either team’s season and could honestly care less about who wins. What makes it worse is that this can only mean one thing: I don’t enjoy watching football as much as other sports.

I can watch a baseball game even if the Yankess aren’t playing. I can watch a hockey game if the Devil’s are not skating. I can even watch entire soccer (futbol) games in foreign languages. But this Super Bowl has absolutely no draw for me this year.

Maybe if the commercials were at a higher level than they have been in recent years that could get me to be more excited about tuning in. But, they’ve sucked pretty bad lately.

What about you? Are you excited for the Super Bowl? Are you even going to watch it?