I know, the big bowl game is tomorrow, but who says that the day before can’t be “Super” as well? I say it can and it should.

Here’s how I’m spending my Super Bowl Saturday…

I began by cooking up some pancakes for the family. Erin actually wolfed them down to our surprise (she hasn’t been that great of an eater lately).

Next, I read about 90 pages of the complete Curious George anthology with Erin.

After I’m done with this blog, I’ll be headed off to the grocery store to get some food. Yum!

Isn’t this just super already?!

After the food store, I might stop and get a DVD to watch later tonight. I’m still flip-flopping over the public library vs. mom-n-pop video store. (The closest Blockbuster is over 10 miles away, thank goodness.)

Then I’ll come home and try and repair our 70 lb. dog’s dogbed which she collapsed last week.

If I have time before dinner, I’ll hang some shelves in one of our closets.

Then, some friends are coming over for dinner and maybe they’ll watch the DVD with us.

Do days get any more super than Super Bowl Saturday?? I think not.