Sorry, this post is not about pot.

This past weekend was an exciting time for my neighbors. You see, since Spring, weeds have been growing out of a large woodchipped-covered portion of my front and side yard. Not normal weeds either, but rather tall, thick-trunked, tree-like weeds. Oh, and lots of them too. It was all very picturesque – if you like that sort of thing.

I don’t like that sort of thing. Not at all. And I’m pretty certain my neighbors don’t like that sort of thing either.

We bought the house and moved ourselves in just before Christmas. When the snow melted, the woodchips didn’t look horrible… just not what we wanted. We wanted to plant grass. You see, grass looks nice and is easy to upkeep. You don’t have to weed it every weekend, nor replenish yearly with expensive woodchips. You just have to mow it, water it, fertilize it, and patch dead spots now and then. You know, fun stuff! Not like weeding. I hate to weed. So right away we began to bring in landscapers to provide us quotes on removing all the woodchips and planting grass.

Now before you get all up in my face about not doing my own yard work, the woodchip debris filled up (yes, to the brim) two medium-sized dump trucks. Not something me, my shovel and wheel-barrow could just knock out in a weekend.

Once we picked the landscaper to do the job, we had to wait until this past weekend before he could fit us into his busy summer schedule. So they came on Saturday to remove everything and clean the area and then back on Monday to seed the dirt and put down hay.

Now I get to awake at 5:00 am every morning for the next 2-3 weeks in order to water it all. And boy, are the neighbors coming out of the woodwork. Two neighbors yesterday and three this morning have gone out of their way to come over and tell me how good it will look with grass and how happy they are that we did this (read: “Thank God you did something, those weeds were bringing down my property value!”). Though my ultimate goal is not to please my neighbors, I am happy that they seem to approve of our lawn care decisions. Afterall, they get to look at my lawn more than I do.